Friday, October 7, 2011

SKN019 RockEr

22.5cm in diameter

SKN018 The Pink Prince

22.5cm in diameter

This is dedicated to my secret muse :P

SKN017 Yellow Ribbon

22.5cm in diameter

Later on during the collection, I became increasingly influenced by the kids I taught in school! :)

SKB026 Seaslug

21cm with silver balls and interwoven chains.
This was inspired by the current weather, which reminded me that Christmas is coming soon! :)

SKB025 Opening

20cm bracelet with interwoven chains

SKB024 Eye Watch

20cm bracelet with purple swarovski crystal on red velvet

SKE140 Jade


SKE139 Housefly

5.5 cm
This piece was inspired by my fascination with houseflies and how beautiful their wings were!

SKE138 Jellyfish


SKE137 Snowflakes Dandelion



The Oct 2011 Collection 

by mobster 3 

was inspired by insects such as the housefly
creatures such as the sea slug and jellyfish 
& by her muse.