Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The August Ice Queen Collection 2010!

Hello one & all! Thanks for dropping by Ministry of Beads (m.o.b)! We hope you all like the new Ice Queen Collection as presented by mobster 1 :)

Stay tune for our Sept collection by mobster 2!

Btw we are also on Facebook now! Alternatively you can search for us as 'Mob Ministryofbeads'!

♥ m.o.b

Monday, July 19, 2010

SLE082 Chilled Heart

Price - $19.90

SLE081 Hidden Crown

Price - $19.90

SLE080 Within Temptation

Price - $24.90

SLE079 Cool Trails

Price - 7.90

SLE078 Nightingale

Price - $8.90

SLE077 ICE-Links

Price - $20

SLE076 Restless Beauty

Price - $13.90

SLE075 Princess-I

Price - $13.90

SLE074 Cold Wings

Price - $9.90

SLE073: Icicle

Price - $11.90

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Aug 2010 Collection: Ice Queen

m.o.b. is starting a new monthly collection from now on!! please stay tune to our pages and facebook as well for updates!!

To start things off, the Aug Collection: Ice Queen - for the cool and collected beauties out there! Start browsing and let us know if you like it!! It is all big, black, bold, and beautiful!!

♥ m.o.b