Friday, October 7, 2011

SKN019 RockEr

22.5cm in diameter

SKN018 The Pink Prince

22.5cm in diameter

This is dedicated to my secret muse :P

SKN017 Yellow Ribbon

22.5cm in diameter

Later on during the collection, I became increasingly influenced by the kids I taught in school! :)

SKB026 Seaslug

21cm with silver balls and interwoven chains.
This was inspired by the current weather, which reminded me that Christmas is coming soon! :)

SKB025 Opening

20cm bracelet with interwoven chains

SKB024 Eye Watch

20cm bracelet with purple swarovski crystal on red velvet

SKE140 Jade


SKE139 Housefly

5.5 cm
This piece was inspired by my fascination with houseflies and how beautiful their wings were!

SKE138 Jellyfish


SKE137 Snowflakes Dandelion



The Oct 2011 Collection 

by mobster 3 

was inspired by insects such as the housefly
creatures such as the sea slug and jellyfish 
& by her muse.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

SKN016 Melrose Eye

44cm in total length
Black rose & leaves with gold trimming and multi-coloured eye & ball

Price - $20

SKE122 To the Moon & Back

7cm including hook
Small silver butterfly with rose montees
Price - $12

SKN014 Butterfly Beauty

43cm in total length
Large butterfly adorned with pale blue montees

Price - $15

SKN011 Summer Fun

29cm in total length
Heart & circle columns made of polished shells
Price - $13

SKN010 Black Opulence

34.5cm in total length
Butterfly made of polished shell
Price - $13

SKN009 Welcome Love

49.5cm in total length (chain & dragonfly)
Dragonfly is 8cm in length & 6.5cm in width

A dragonfly paid me a visit on the first day I started creating this set of jewellery. It was such an ephemeral, transluscent beauty I decided to create a dragonfly!

Price - $20

SKE131 Summer Rain

6.5cm in length
Small butterfly with amber asian glass beads & circle shell

Price - $12

SKE130 Jus in Blu

4.5cm in length
Ladybirds are a special reminder of the creature I was very fond of when I was a child

Price - $10

SKE125 Nightingale

6.5cm in length
Pearls in flower shape with black teardrop

Price - $12

SKB021 Under the Sea

21.5 cm in total length

Turquoise hand-blown glass beads from USA

Price - $10

Friday, October 1, 2010

Oct 2010 Collection: Nature

Hello friends & jewellery lovers!!

Presenting the Oct 2010 Collection entitled the Nature collection! This was inspired by my love for all pretty things that flutter, bloom & swim! One was inspired by a dragonfly which paid me a visit when I starting working on this new set of jewellery (check out SKN009 Welcome Love)

Anyhows, thanks for patronising our site & giving us the encouragement by buying our jewellery! This would motivate us to bring fresher wearables for all you lovely ladies out there!

As you would have known, we are now available on Facebook. You can also view the latest collection here :)

m.o.b also has a booth at Iluma so stay tune for the pictures! :)

Love, mobster 3

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


swarovski crystals
rose gold wire. slight pinkish hue, not as yellow as normal gold colour (LLE024)
i personally love the colour. haha!

hangs 2.5cm off hook



chinese beads with flower detail
swarovski crystal bead

hangs 2.5cm off hook



swarovski crystal

hangs 1.8cm off hook
0.5cm thick



mix of swarovski and plastic beads
hangs 2.5cm off hook


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

LLN004 Rock On

length of chain: 78cm
length of guitar: 8cm

swarovski crystals in fixed position. guitar free to move.


LLN003 Listen

length of chain: 78cm
length of treble clef: 5.5cm
diameter of listen token: 2.5cm

treble clef in fixed position, token free to move.


LLN002 Flyby

length of chain: 78cm
length of plane: 5cm

plastic toy plane. other colours coming soon!


LLN001 Flutterby

length of chain: 78cm
length of butterfly: 4cm

quartz and clay flower detail in fixed position. butterfly free to move.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The August Ice Queen Collection 2010!

Hello one & all! Thanks for dropping by Ministry of Beads (m.o.b)! We hope you all like the new Ice Queen Collection as presented by mobster 1 :)

Stay tune for our Sept collection by mobster 2!

Btw we are also on Facebook now! Alternatively you can search for us as 'Mob Ministryofbeads'!

♥ m.o.b

Monday, July 19, 2010

SLE082 Chilled Heart

Price - $19.90

SLE081 Hidden Crown

Price - $19.90

SLE080 Within Temptation

Price - $24.90

SLE079 Cool Trails

Price - 7.90

SLE078 Nightingale

Price - $8.90

SLE077 ICE-Links

Price - $20